Friday, June 5, 2009

There was a time when small cars like the Subaru Prius

However, the economic crisis has made these small cars not only a practical alternative but a fashionable option as well.

The Subaru Prius is an economizing and fashionable car in the sense that it will have the Prius technology and the benefits of the hybrid. Thanks to an alliance between Fuji and Toyotam the development and production of the Subaru Prius will be hastened. Fuji heavy CEO Ikuo Mori said the company is set to offer a gas-electric vehicle thanks to that partnership.

Toyota owns a 16% share in Subaru and this is expected to give rise to a substantial development in the hybrid market, 80% of which is being controlled by Toyota. The Subaru Prius is a welcome development in view of the tighter emission regulations and fuel economy being planned by the Obama administration. Auto manufacturers are supporting such call and have vowed to cut emission by 40% and to increase fuel economy of new cars by 35.5 mpg in a span of seven years.

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